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July - August Share-the-Plate

Every Sunday an offering is collected to support the ministry of the UUCHV with a portion of the non-pledge offering monies donated to a specific non-profit organization on a monthly basis. The Share the Plate Program is one way the UUCHV affirms and supports the Unitarian Universalist Principles which calls for us to outreach and generously serve our local, as well as our international communities.

Share the Plate for July and August will benefit the NAACP organizations of Peekskill and Ossining to support the Civic Engagement Committee. For more information, please visit the website <> or email Ossining - Branch #2169 - President: Aaron Moore at

It is SJ's hope that the UUCHV will support this effort. The Social Justice Committee welcomes suggestions for 'Share the Plate' offerings. Please give your suggestion to Bearni Croft, Bob Hudson, or Ginny Stillman.

Thank you, Bearni Croft and the Social Justice Committee

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