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The Path to Membership


Becoming a member of a congregation is a big step!
Being a member means participating in the life of the congregation by attending worship, contributing time and energy to committees and other volunteer efforts, signing the membership book, and making a yearly monetary contribution to support the congregation and its work. Being a member means that you get to participate in the democratic process to which we as UUs are committed. You will  be able to vote on all the various issues the congregation votes on-- from the yearly budget to calling a minister. We hope that if/when you make the commitment to be a member, it's a commitment you intend to keep for many years because you have determined that our congregation is the right fit for you as you walk your spiritual journey. We expect that this decision will not be taken lightly, and we commit to partnering with you on your discernment from the moment you reach out to us.

We encourage anyone interested in more information about the congregation to contact the chair of our Membership Committee. You'll have the opportunity to explore where your interests lie. You are welcome to attend committee meetings at any point, and we strongly urge you to attend Sunday worship as often as possible as you consider membership in our congregation. Sundays are where you will learn about Unitarian Universalism, have a chance to deepen your own spirituality, and come to develop deep and meaningful relationships in community with others. As you continue to get to know the congregation, always feel free to be in touch with our leaders to help you discern.

If you determine that indeed you wish to join our congregation, there are some steps that we ask you to take.

First, attend a UU 101 session hosted by our membership committee. These occur periodocally each year and can be found on our calendar as well as advertised in our weekly email.

Then, meet one-on-one with the minister.

At some point, make a pledge indicating what your yearly monetary contribution will be.

Finally, sign the Membership book on New Member Sunday or in private with the minister if you prefer.

Once you have officially become a member, our hope is that you will explore the various areas of volunteer work at the congregation. There are many committees and other opportunities to offer non-financial service to the community we are building together. Click 
here for more information on that.


Please feel free to send us your questions and let us know more about you as well as what UUCHV COMMITTEES you might be interest in getting involved in!

Contact Rev. Daniel with any questions: 

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