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September Share the Plate

September's Share the Plate will benefit the Navajo Water Project-DigDeep. The Navajo Water Project serves six towns in Northwestern New Mexico with clean, running water and solar power. They want to make that seven towns... by completely transforming Baca, NM with the gifts of water and light. Baca is a beautiful village of just a few hundred homes nestled in the red cliffs of the Continental Divide. Many families in the area don't have water or power. Navajo are 67 times more likely than other Americans to live without running water or a toilet. That's an injustice. Many Natives can't get enough clean water, creating a cycle of poverty that limits health, happiness, educational opportunity, and economic security. For more information please check out the website: It is SJ's hope that the UUCHV will support this effort. The Social Justice Committee welcomes suggestions for 'Share the Plate' offerings. Please give your suggestion to Bearni Croft or Bob Hudson. Thank you, Bearni Croft and the Social Justice Committee

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