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Whatever the FAITH and TRADITIONS of your past, we welcome you.

Click below for a brief video featuring 

Rev. Daniel Lawlor


this sunday, december 3, 2023

at 10am 

"Where No Hu-Man Has Gone Before - A Human Rights Perspective"

rev. Lane cobb, Guest minister

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, what do our stories about the future of humanity tell us about what's possible for us in the present?

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If you happen to drive past our church building on Albany Post Road, you will see our current street project, inspired by the Burma Shave ads from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. Click here to learn more. 

Our kids' ideas about God
Our kids believe: BLACK LIVES MATTER


meet our


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Rev. Daniel Lawlor

Dear UU Congregation of the Hudson Valley,

Our religious tradition honors the many spiritual pathways that affirm the worth, dignity and the interdependence of all life.

From the care and intentionality practiced by the worship and music committees in preparation for Sunday service, to the kindness and creativity in Religious Education and Arts Committee to the deep commitment for Allies for Racial Equity and LGBTQIA+ equality, love is at the center of our faith. My wife, Yumi, and I are inspired by caring communities seeking to connect and do good. I am humbled and honored to be your part-time Contract Minister, and hope to see you soon, whether in our Sunday worship or wider community!

Rev. Daniel

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Are you interested to become a member?
Are you a member and want some refreshers?

You are invited to attend the following sessions! You can choose based on your schedule if in person or online works better!

Dec. 10th- UU 101 Topic: How Our Congregation Works - in person after the service
Dec. 14th - UU 101 Topic: How Our Congregation Works - Zoom session - 7:00 pm

How does a Unitarian Universalist congregation work? Why? How can you get involved?

Jan. 7th - UU 101 Topic: What Are Your Values - in person after the service
Jan. 11th - UU 101 Topic: What Are Your Values - Zoom session - 7:00 pm

What values connect Unitarian Universalists?
What are you looking for in religious and community life? 

Rev Daniel and the membership team is excited to see you!
Please RSVP with Rev Daniel or Sheri Brown.


Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal, non-creedal religion-- meaning we are bound together not by dogma or doctrine, but by our commitment to be in intentional and thoughtful relationship with one another as we walk the journey of seeking the truth. 

As a community that is committed to living, working, and worship with each other in ways that foster individual and collective growth, we agree to live by our covenant.

To create an atmosphere of trust and safety, we agree to call each other back into covenant and to forgive ourselves and others. 


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Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of the Hudson Valley
2021 Albany Post Road
Croton-on-Hudson NY 10520

914 271 4283

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