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tHIS SUNDAY 7/12/20 at 10:00 a.m.

     Preemptive Radical Inclusion during Covid-Times       

CB Beal , M.Div., Guest preacher

CB will share reflections on the idea of PRI as an entryway to increase justice and equity among ourselves and in the world, a way to embody beloved community in a time of physical isolation and social connection. 

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Adopt-A-Garden at UUCHV

"As the first hint of green begins to peek through the barren ground
As that little sprig grows into a healthy stem
As that stem grows into a stalk and forms a bud
As that bud slowly opens with each new day
To form a yellow daffodil
Let us be, like that first hint of green, renewed by the warm of the sun’s rays
And ready to emerge with a new energy, ready to face the day


Thank you, Jennifer McGlothin for these words of inspiration.  Now that the initial COVID 19 surge is over, yes, Let us be ready to emerge with a new energy, ready to face the day. 


Our UUCHV grounds need lots of new energy, as the combination of a rainy April and May, a cancelled UUCHV Spring Clean Up and a continued prolific Mother Nature has led to a set of run-away gardens at UUCHV. 


The Buildings and Grounds Committee asks our Members and Friends to Adopt A Garden this summer.  B&G has identified twelve different gardens on our grounds that could use a little sprucing up.  Adopting a Garden is NOT too much work:

  • Select which garden you would like to adopt

  • Find others who want to join you to spruce up your garden

  • Plan a morning to go and rake or weed whack or trim etc.

  • Repeat every few months!


B&G is willing to give advice and opinions if requested. 


Please contact Leah Nelson 917-204-3717

or Betsy Tomic 914-815-7001 to select your garden!

Click Here for Garden Map

Click Here for Garden Key

our new minister


The UUCHV has hired Reverend Dr. Joshua Snyder to be our Minister for the next year ! 


The New Minister Task Force found Reverend Josh via the UUA  search for an interim minister process.  The team interviewed him, watched his sermons on the internet, and  spoke with references.  He is personable, easy going and has 20 years of experience as a minister.  

Click Here for Rev. Josh's introduction

sharing & caring

wellness Toolkit


As we navigate these uncertain times, here are some resources to invite in laughter, mindfulness, ease and cooking. Enjoy!

Click Here for

Wellness Toolkit


Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal, non-creedal religion-- meaning we are bound together not by dogma or doctrine, but by our commitment to be in intentional and thoughtful relationship with one another as we walk the journey of seeking the truth. 

As a community that is committed to living, working, and worship with each other in ways that foster individual and collective growth, we agree to live by our covenant.

To create an atmosphere of trust and safety, we agree to call each other back into covenant and to forgive ourselves and others. 


Media Roundup:

We need more voices out here

Amanda Schuber, a member of the UU Church of Huntsville, Alabama, speaking at an event organized to protest the death of George Floyd, said, “We need more voices out here. We need to be out here every day if we have to—to continue to say this is not our America. This is not the country we want to live in where Black and Brown bodies are not valued as much as other bodies.” (Rocket City Now, May 30)

Amaryllis Charles, a recent high school graduate, was among those who joined a protest at Universalist-Unitarian Church in Waterville, Maine. “I am angry and I am hurt,” she said. “These are Black people that look like me being killed in the streets, and the people who are doing it aren’t being held accountable.” (Central Maine, June 1)

Speaking at a public witness event outside All Souls UU Congregation in New London, Connecticut, the Rev. Carolyn Patierno said members of her congregation have been holding witness events for the Black Lives Matter movement for five years and were “out there to raise their voices in solidarity for those who are victims to systems of violence. We understand this to be a moment where we are compelled to speak up.” (The Day, May 29)

UU Charlie Woods helped organize Foxboro Stand-Out for George Floyd and Social Justice this past Sunday afternoon in Foxboro, Massachusetts. “Some people have the perception that in suburbs we are not going to come out and sit quiet in our homes, so it’s really nice to see people willing to come out and stand-out for the cause against racial injustice,” Woods said. (The Sun Chronicle, June 1)                                               



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