Inspired by love, our mission is
to seek our true nature,

connect openly and deeply,
and act for justice.

Whatever the FAITH and TRADITIONS of your past, 

To reach the Administrator, please email to uucroton@gmail.com or call the office at 914-271-4283 and leave a message.

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this sunday, january 23rd at 10am


"A Tremendous Fascinating Mystery"

Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

What is the Holy? 

We may have had religious experiences that are difficult if not impossible to describe.  Although they may be frightening and strange, they keep us coming back for more.  We will learn about how to attempt to apply language to this topic from German theologian Rudolf Otto, Job, the Simpsons, the Valley Girl fad of the 1980s, Jessica Fletcher from "Murder She Wrote," learn about "Corpse Cold" Unitarianism from Emerson, and hear about how a hardcore punk rocker became an enlightened Zen Master.


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A Message from the Committee on Ministry

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In November we hosted our first Town Hall of the church season, where we confronted the significant challenges that we must address in the coming year. These were not easy conversations to have, and there is not one right answer that will resolve them. It feels like the winds of change and uncertainty seem to blow endlessly right now, but we seek to find ground and sanctuary in our beloved community here at UUCHV. As we continue to make our way on this journey, the Committee on Ministry would like to emphasize how important your feedback and participation are in creating a new future for us all. Please reach out to us with your thoughts. 

UUCHV Committee on Ministry 
Megan Fenton (megan.r.fenton@gmail.com)
Marjie Kemper (marjiekemper@gmail.com) 
Dave Morkal (Smurfdave@verizon.net) 
Reverend Josh (revdrjoshsnyder@gmail.com) 

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Our in-person services began on Sunday, September 12th, along with streaming the live stream.

Unfortunately, on December 31st,  the Board of Trustees voted to suspend in person worship and RE beginning Sunday, January 9, and continuing through the remainder of January.  This is because of the spike in COVID cases as a result of the omicron variant.  Worship services will be available through the Livestream on YouTube that we have been doing since the fall.


We are all disappointed that we cannot worship in person this month.  However, in the interest of safety to our Sunday morning visitors, as well as wanting to do our part to stop the spread of the virus, we could not continue in person this month.  The Board will update the congregation on the status of reopening as we learn more about the spread of the virus in our community.  Thank you for understanding.

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In-person services suspended-now streaming

Our children got in good trouble this year. Click below and see!
Black Lives Matter Art Show


Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal, non-creedal religion-- meaning we are bound together not by dogma or doctrine, but by our commitment to be in intentional and thoughtful relationship with one another as we walk the journey of seeking the truth. 

As a community that is committed to living, working, and worship with each other in ways that foster individual and collective growth, we agree to live by our covenant.

To create an atmosphere of trust and safety, we agree to call each other back into covenant and to forgive ourselves and others.