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A Worshipful Place


Worship is at the heart of how we build community at the UU Congregation of the Hudson Valley.

We offer worship each Sunday at 10am. Our services include music, readings, a sermon, prayer and meditation time, time for sharing the joys and challenges of our lives, and time for quiet reflection. Our sermons strive to be intellectual but also practical; to speak to the lives we actually lead while drawing in history, pop culture, theology, the news, and the most pressing issues of our time.

Worship is our way, each week, of reconnecting to our deepest selves and to what matters most, those things which gives life meaning and worth. This hour on Sunday gives us a moment to stop, and breathe, and remember the core values with which we want to live our lives. It is also a way for us to connect with each other through sharing about our lives, collective reflection and thought, and through conversation at coffee hour afterwards.

All are welcome to worship with us!

** During the summer we continue to offer one service at 10am, with childcare. These services are lay-led. They are often small and intimate, creating for those who come a wonderful experience of community.

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