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Lets Get Prepared For Our Future

At UUCHV we are looking to our future and working towards a space where we can truly live out our mission with the help of our new settled minister. Everything we do within our congregation is connected and is a piece to the puzzle of what our future looks like.

When it comes to our building, there have been moments in our recent past that inspiring options have been available - but UUCHV hasn't been able to take advantage of those possibilities because we don't have the funds. So, lets raise the money we need so that we are prepared when the right home for us appears!

We realize nothing major is going to change tomorrow - or even next year, but we are on a path towards growth. CLICK HERE to see a timeline of our past and future plans. 




1. We have completed a very successful Capital Campaign!

*Pledgers will have 3 years to fulfill their financial commitment - Members and friends will continue to have time to make pledges towards Project Hudson Valley and/or increase pledges as we get closer to moving to a new home.

2. The Board of Trustees will continue to encourage the development of a strong Stewardship Committee and look for ways to raise additional funds to support our big move.

3. In the coming months, the Board will create task force teams to build upon the work we have already done in regards to finding a property, determining more details regarding our needs, and exploring best ideas for rental opportunities in our area. Plus, we have already met with a bank and will be checking things off the list to make the potential mortgage process as seamless as possible!


If you have already made your pledge, we hope you're feeling proud of the gift you were able to give. If you were unable to pledge towards the Capital Campaign for whatever reason and you would like to be a part of this exciting project, reach out to our Administrator Rita or a member of the Steering Task Force. 


Now is a time of reflection: 

  • What is YOUR vision for the future of UUCHV and how does it tie into the vision of our congregation:                                   






In order to expand our membership and grow as a community we need more square footage. A larger building also means more room for our staff, meeting rooms, and rentable area.


Our children and youth are a priority for many members of our congregation. It is imperative they have a safe and vibrant space to seek, connect, act and love together.


We are not currently able to say we are truly welcoming in our current space as it is not truly handicap accessible. Our parking situation is also not ideal in terms of safety - especially for families with young children or those who are first time visitors.


Our mission is what fuels our dreams:

Inspired by love,

our mission is to seek our true nature,

connect deeply and openly,

and act for justice. 

We desire a future where we can focus on living out this statement the best that we can. We know we cannot truly do that in our current space. We believe that Unitarian Universalism can change lives and we want to be a truly welcoming congregation where everyone can reach their fullest potentials in life with ease. 

The hope of increasing our membership has two sides. On one side, more pledging units means we would be able to do more financially - including increasing salaries and hiring additional staff,  provide more for our community, and increasing our UUA dues. More hands on deck means that those leaders who have already put in years of hard work can step back as they wish, trusting that folks will have the energy and ambition to maintain our forward momentum. On the other side, attracting more members means that we are adding value to lives that seek to grow spiritually and be a part of a loving community of faith.

Religious Exploration is of huge import to the members of UUCHV. We will create new rooms for our youth and teens so that we can offer impactful programming in a space that is inspiring.  We hope that with the guidance of a new minister we can develop a thoughtful approach to revitalizing our RE Program so that it may thrive.

Our ideal future has a Music Director to help with music programming throughout the year. Someone who can help build our choir and work with special music performances. We could prosper even more with a Sexton to manage building maintenance and facility rentals. Our dedicated Administrator handles most of our congregational business but there are still more tasks to be done with such a busy group of members and friends. 

We are a small but mighty congregation with big dreams for ourselves and for those beyond our walls. We want to build a future that counts and is meaningful in the lives of as many people as possible.


We want to be the lighthouse for those who have yet to find us. 

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