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The Membership Committee is dedicated to enabling and assisting visitors, friends, members, and staff to seek and connect with depth and love as they journey into, within and through this community.


The Membership Committee is connected with almost all the activities that occur at the UUCHV.  We are a resource for members to explore where they can fit in and contribute to the congregation and the work we do.  The committee follows up with visitors, organizes meetings and lunches to educate potential members about Unitarian Universalism, organizes and participates in services on the New Member Sundays, helps new members integrate into the congregation, and supports established members.

Although we know that making sure that we welcome visitors on Sunday is a large part of our mission, we also want to ensure that all people in our community are part of our committee’s mission.

We currently meet on the 1st Monday of each month at 7:30pm.  All are welcome to join.  Stop by the Welcome Table and see where you can connect.

*Check out the UUCHV calendar to see when the next meeting is!

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