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green sanctuary

Unitarian Universalism recognizes Climate Change and

issues of environmental justice as some of the central

concerns of our times. This recognition is grounded in

our belief that all life, human, animal, plant, is

interdependent. We believe that from the forest to the

sea to humanity itself, each thread of being is woven into

a single fabric of existence. We embrace nature's beauty

and are in awe of its power. We care for our environment

so that it may sustain life for generations to come, an

especially  important responsibility because those who

are most impacted by environmental destruction are often

those with the least power. Creating a sustainable way of

life is central to our view of a just and compassionate world.

Our Green Sanctuary Committee at UUCHV leads our efforts to affect change in environmental policy-- personal, congregational and public.

Green Sanctuary Certified

UUCHV is certified by the UUA as a Green Sanctuary Congregation. This means that we have done the work of education and change to be recognized as a congregation committed to environmental justice. We continue our journey as a Green Sanctuary Congregation by continuing to educate ourselves and the public, integrating environmental justice concerns into worship, and introducing ever more green policies within our congregation.


Annual Riverkeeper Sweep

Every year, members of the UUCHV participate in Riverkeeper Sweep, the Hudson River's largest yearly clean-up event. Many tons of garbage are pulled from the Hudson and its banks at this event each year. We encourage our team that focuses on a section of the river near our community. After a day of hard, but gratifying work, the Riverkeeper team from UUCHV heads for some fellowship to the Peekskill Brewery, where participants in the clean-up get a free beer! This event occurs in May each year.

Switch to Green Electricity

The UUCHV Green Sanctuary Committee has been working on helping folks understand the benefits of switching to green energy. Switching your electricity supplier is one way we can help fight climate change.

Making the switch is easy, safe, reversible, and you will still only get one bill from your utility company! There are , in fact, 16 different green suppliers to choose from in our area of NY. The Green Sanctuary Committee has researched the options, and offers the links below to make it very easy.

To find out why to switch suppliers, click here.
To find out how to make the switch, click here.
To find out which company to switch to, click here.

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