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At the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Hudson Valley, we believe in the importance of the visual arts for facilitating a thoughtful spiritual journey. We understand that our feelings, our thoughts, our deep selves are accessed in different ways for different people. Visual art can be a vital element on a religious search. Our Congregation also has a history of supporting artists in our area.


With a focus on nurturing and encouraging spiritual growth through art, the Arts Committee sponsors art exhibits and provides opportunities for members and friends of the Fellowship to create and learn about the visual arts.

Using the democratic process, the Arts Committee makes decisions on building décor, signage, decorations for special events and anything of a visual nature.

We hold and art show every month in the Sanctuary.  We often have shows for outside arts councils and individual artists. In addition,we hold the HUGE annual juried ANW show every year in April. This show is now in its 53rd year and as many as 70 artists have contributed a work in the past.  The arts committee is willing to help other committees decorate for functions they hold and we are always involved in helping the RE Committee with special projects and weekly craft projects. 

Each month, on the Sanctuary walls, we hang an art show designed to expose our members to local artists and also to contribute to the atmosphere of worship, spiritual deepening and stimulation. These shows remain up for the entire month.

Also each month, our Arts Committee provides original artwork by members or friends of the congregation to serve as the visual art component of our monthly theme. The piece is featured on the Sunday Order of Service.

Art for Social Justice
Create an art installation on our front lawn to bring public attention to a social justice issue!


You DO NOT have to be an artist to join!

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Susi Dugaw


*Check out the UUCHV calendar to see when the next meeting is or contact the Committee Chair if you are interested in learning more!

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